Metal works: Decorative coating with patina

Patination – decorative aging of metal surfaces

Patination – decorative aging of metal surfaces

Patina is the thin coating or color change resulting from age, as on old wood, stone or metal surfaces. Patina on the surface is covered with fine scratches, abrasions, and other surface changes, which become apparent over time. Patina formation process period is strongly influenced by the atmosphere, rain, moisture, acids.

The word "patina" comes from the Latin for "shallow dish". Collectively the "patina" is known all fading, tarnishing and other surface signs of aging caused by natural or physical / mechanical surface damage.

Patinas occur in everyday life all around us. They are present on buildings, roofs, statues, fountains, and pretty much anywhere that is exposed to the weather.

Patina could be divided into two types: natural and artificial. Metalworkers often add patina as a part of the original design and decoration of art and furniture, or to create aging affect on newly-made objects.