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Since 1993 IRONa has designed and produced metal works and constructions.

From the beginning of the company activity, the metal works, produced by IRONa, are supplied both - locally and foreign markets. Products are produced according to designs of the company as well as according to the requests or drawings from the customers. IRONa works with companies from the building, food, logistics industries, design agencies also individual persons.

Working in the metal sphere for a long time, IRONa strives for the reliability, quality and flexibility in production of non standard metal works.

Smithery works - one of the spheres where cosines and originality could be offered for your houses and homesteads, offices and hotels, cafés and restaurants – for the interior, exterior and surroundings.

Additional activity of IRONa - wholesale of the fuel cap SoloDiesel for the misfuelling prevention. IRONa is official distributor for the Baltic countries from 2011.

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Metal works



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Egle ir Darius 3 years ago: Labai aciu puikiai dirbanciai imonei IRONA. Mes uzsakeme balkono rema, gerai supratome vieni kitus, darbas buvo atliktas greitai, kokybiskai. Nuosirdus, paprasti zmones cia dirba. Profesionalus kelias i tiksla. Sekmes!

Sonata 4 years ago: Sveiki, Ačiū Jums už gražų prancūzišką balkonėlį.

Marija 4 years ago: norėčiau Jums labai padėkoti už balkonėlį ir už atvežimo organizavimą. Buvo labai smagu su Jumis bendrauti. Gerų Jums dienų ir sėkmingo darbo

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